What’s The Answer To Unauthorized Immigration?

Unauthorized Map

Michael Clemens declares that any “immigration reform proposal serious about reducing unauthorized immigration must focus on creating tools for U.S. business.” He thinks past reforms haven’t helped:

Today’s H-2A visa for seasonal agricultural work is a good example. It is so cumbersome and expensive to use that the vast majority of American farmers—who depend critically on migrant labor—refuse to use it. The program doesn’t help farmers get the labor they need, doesn’t help connect them to workers by facilitating recruitment; it exclusively puts up costly barriers for farmers to fight through in order to access legal migrant labor.

If you’re concerned about the phenomenon of unauthorized immigration or the plight of unauthorized immigrants, pay less attention to the path-to-citizenship. Keep one question foremost in your mind as you read the forthcoming details of the Senators’ and president’s proposals: What are they offering U.S. farmers to get the labor they need without going under? What are they offering U.S. parents to get the childcare they need without breaking the bank? These are the provisions that will shape unauthorized immigration for tomorrow’s America.

(Map from (pdf) the Congressional Research Service. Hat tip: Gillespie)