Ashes To Ashes, Stardust To Stardust

Phil Plait marvels at Mischa Rozema’s short film:

The mix of atoms in our world and in our bodies is a reflection of impurities in the cloud of gas and dust that collapsed 4.6 billion years ago to form the solar system. Those elements were in large part created in the hearts of mighty exploding stars, and eventually found their way into us. Whether the human race spreads to the stars, or we remain on Earth and the crust of our planet is blasted away into space when the Sun swells into a red giant…either way, our supernovae-forged atoms will be cast back out into the galaxy that created them. Some may not find comfort in that, but there is still a remarkable poetry in it.

Matthew Battles wonders “what story will future xenoarchaeologists glean from our spacefaring artifacts?”:

In the space age, we thought them the foundation stones of our future spacefaring civilization; increasingly, they seem like the moai of Easter Island—votive offerings, erected in desperate hope on the only shores we will ever know.