The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew shamed the president for betraying his promise of a transparent, constitutional fight against al-Qaeda, and searched for a smarter approach worthy of our country. He voiced hope that Americans will once again overcome their fear of fresh immigration and observed the realization of equality in Britain’s parliament and the country at large. Elsewhere, Andrew repeated his call for a Catholic burial for King Richard and answered some barbed reader feedback dismissing the Dishhead society.

In political coverage, we clarified the necessity of the BDS debate while acknowledging the group’s extreme goals, witnessed a growing wariness of Christianism in America, and said goodbye to Dick Morris as Fox News fraudster par-excellence. Seth Baum worried that we could exacerbate global warming by trying to stop it while Carrie La Seur provided­ a new take on climate change regulations from the inner West.

Waldman ranked Election 2012 as a standard year for turnout as Alan Abramowitz took the country’s temperature for the 2014 midterms. We also imagined a world without the USPS, at least on Saturdays.  Mujib Mashal explained the Taliban’s new Freudian recruiting tactics as we brainstormed some names for Tim Geithner’s publisher, and a member of the repulsive Westboro Baptist Church left her family cult and earned an Yglesias award.

In assorted coverage, we nibbled on some snacks from NASA’s cafeteria, explored the possibility of universal robo-labor, and remembered that we live by the sun and (probably) will die by the sun. While Timothy Taylor predicted the end of the era of junk email, Michael Chabon sought the key to self-expression and we closed our ears for a spoiler on spoilers. As we bundled up for the east coast’s imminent snowfall, we served a scoop of solid blues for the MHB, caught a glimpse of desperate rage in the Face of the Day, and surveyed La Ventana, Mexico during the VFYW.