What Happened To Cap-And-Trade? Ctd

Carrie La Seur adds some “red state” perspective on the question:

You are asking people to give up security for a frightening unknown, we said. The role of the inner West in the global energy economy is small-scale — except for our coal mines, our gas and oil fields, and our earth-shaking fracking apparatus. The fossil fuel industry’s money and influence dominate our daily lives. This isn’t ideology, it’s another inconvenient truth. Climate policymakers would have to deal with it or run into a buzzsaw of swing state opposition — as ultimately they did. …

There we were in states like Montana and North Dakota with powerful fossil fuel industries and moderate Democratic senators — the people who would have to vote en bloc for climate legislation if it were to have any hope of surmounting a filibuster — and the ground game was entirely missing. The notion of consulting the people likely to be most negatively affected by climate legislation seemed to be dismissed early on as dangerously naïve by the people controlling financial resources. … It would be up to a 22-year-old activist with a Blackberry and an out-of-state phone number to sell it to people with legitimate fears about losing their jobs while their utility bills tripled.