Not Too Big To Be President

Earlier this week on Letterman, Chris Christie laughed off jokes about his weight:

Connie Mariano, a former White House physician, recently worried that Christie’s weight puts him at risk of a heart attack or stroke should he become president. Paul Campos notes that a recent study “found that people as heavy as Christie have a 29% increase in mortality risk, compared to otherwise similar people of normal weight.” But age is a bigger factor:

In January of 2017 Christie will be 54, while the current Democratic frontrunner for her party’s presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, will be 69. … All other things being equal, government actuarial tables reveal that the odds that a 69-year-old woman will die between January of 2017 and January of 2021 are 115% higher than the odds a 54-year-old man will die during that four-year time period. In other words, age poses almost exactly four times greater a mortality risk to Hillary Clinton than weight does to Chris Christie, in regard to the chances that either would die during their first presidential term.

Ambers adds:

[I]t might be helpful to realize that as president, Christie would have medical care second to none. He’d have a doctor with him at all times. His diet would be monitored rigorously. The chances that he’d stick to an exercise plan and a medication regimen designed to mitigate the effects of his obesity are high. And that would reduce the likelihood of any sudden problems.