Processing Newtown

A new tumblr features images of cards sent to Newtown in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Newtown resident Ross McDonald explains:

Walk into the Newtown town hall and you see bin after bin of cards and letters—some 500,000 at least, more arriving every day. They line both sides of the long main hall, and fill up the branching halls and offices. Posters, paintings, quilts, and flags cover the walls. There are banners from students at Columbine and Virginia Tech; there are letters from school kids across America and from people as far away as France and Australia. And there are boxes of Kleenex on every table for those who read them. …

We already have thousands of images, we’re gathering more, and we’ll be publishing batches every day until we run out. We have approached town officials about creating an extensive digital archive; it is my hope that we might also find a physical home for all these letters. Because the wisdom they express should not be lost to history.