“Party Triage”

Greg Beato profiles Dr. Jason Burke, a Las Vegas anesthesiologist turned hangover specialist. Beato wonders if treatment could change the way we party:

Redemption cocktails may not be the ultimate, instant miracle cure that eliminates hangovers before they ever happen, no IVs necessary, but in a way they offer something just as revolutionary: They’re medical treatment as entertainment, medical treatment as luxury indulgence. … In this model, recovery becomes its own phase of the party, a communal experience to share, a tweetable moment. Indeed, right now, the four patients have taken out their phones and started snapping photos of one another. “Hey, doc,” one of them asks. “Will you stand behind us in a pic, so it’s official?” Poses are assumed, cameras are aimed, everyone smiles. The party ended hours ago, but the fun never stops.