Why A Wall Can’t Stop The Cartels

William Prochnau and Laura Parker report from the Mexican border:

Former Arizona State Attorney General Terry Goddard decries the false promise of border security in Arizona as an effective barrier against a drug-trafficking enterprise that runs 24/7. In two terms as Arizona’s top law-enforcement official, he targeted smugglers by following the money. He dismisses the entire “secure border” concept as “nonsense,” and urges Washington to face reality.

“The wall is about symbolism; it’s not about protecting the border,” he said. “If you really cared about shutting down the cartels, you would start with the money. You would keep them from having the resources to beat us every time. I expect the cartels to use drones next. They have unlimited funds.”

Prochnau and Parker visited the neighboring towns of Nogales, Arizona, and Nogales, Mexico:

[Nogales, Arizona business owner Bruce Bracker] stops near an old parking meter where a rectangular piece of pavement has been carved out and now re-sealed. Mexican smugglers dug a tunnel under the wall, came up here, lifted up the rectangle inside a hollowed-out car, and moved marijuana to their heart’s content. In the Fall of 2011 the Border Patrol found 16 tunnels leading to the parking-meter hub. … Bracker and his buddies joke that Armageddon in Nogales will arrive with the two towns disappearing into a giant sinkhole created by the crisscross void beneath.