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President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Today on the Dish, Andrew spent the night live-blogging the State of the Union. Blog reax here, tweet reax here and meme of the night here. Earlier, he sighed at what might have been of Benedict XVI’s reign, and pressed further on the implications of a Pope stepping down. He also compared the outgoing pontiff with St. Gregory the Great, and took on readers’ criticism of his take on what lies next for Ratzinger. Later, Andrew unmasked the Dish’s cartoonist, Terry Colon, and our special teams, Chas Danner, and updated everyone on the first few days of the new indie Dish experiment.

In political news, James Inhofe wonderfully articulated the stance of the American Christianists looking to divinize our foreign policy, Sam Tanenhaus linked the far right with the doctrines of John C. Calhoun, and the Consumer Protection Bureau went to bat for college students. Enten raised his eyebrow at Rubio’s 2016 chances, while Larison claimed it’s still too early to call. Meanwhile, we charted the theft of human life caused by gun violence, Kate Sheppard revealed the climate-benefits of fewer work hours and The Economist took social mobility down a peg.

Then we took a tour of the high seas with actual pirates as William Prochnau, Osnos reported the cost of anti-corruption to China’s economy, and Laura Parker found little evidence for the mythical “secure border.” Finally, we bummed out that the correction of the day wasn’t genuine news for the Alaskan Esther as Megan McCloskey corrected Phil Bronstein’s veteran-insurance blunder in Esquire.

In assorted news and views, we sampled deep-friend deep-space scallops, Alex Knapp unearthed more evidence at the scene of dinosaurs’ demise and Nicola Twilley made the case for cheap, fence-free animal herding. Paula Marantz Cohen praised literature-as-textbooks and Kelley Vlahos shook her head at thee persistence of must-cringe TV. Oriana Aragón and Rebecca Dyer explained the urge to squeeze that kitten to death, and posted more views from your blizzard here.

For another tricky VFYW contest, we breathed the open air of Castillo San Cristobal in San Juan, Puerto Rico and reconsidered the benefits of joining the Super Adventure Club for the MHB before we looked over Ojai, California in the VFYW.


(Photo by Charles Dharapak-Pool/Getty Images)