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Catholics Mark Beginning Of Lent With Ash Wednesday Services

Today on the Dish, Andrew took apart Rubio’s dogmatic and hypocritical rejoinder to the SOTU and responded to readers’ thoughts on the president’s remarks. He revisited the Gitmo question and spared a moment to reckon our mortality on Ash Wednesday. Later, Andrew poured another drink with Hitch as they discussed the ever-present specter of fanaticism, and pointed Canadian readers to a new pub named after his old friend.

In political coverage, we rounded up more reax to the SOTU as well as Rubio’s lame follow-up, before digging deep into Obama’s proposal for universal pre-K. After Bouie brought up the GOP’s real immigration problem, readers took on conventional wisdom on boosting minimum wage, which Mark Perry pushed back on here. Bernstein called the Hagel nomination the latest in a mondo-filibuster, readers were boggled by James Inhofe’s latest sermon on U.S. foreign policy, and Armin Rosen toured a new site for real development in Palestine.

Meanwhile, we debated the death sentence in democracies, Nassim Taleb cautioned us not to overestimate the new era of Big Data, and George Packer insisted that we shouldn’t confuse our own bodily decay with the world’s at large. Benjamin Dueholm explored the Pope’s remarks on economic justice as Gregory Clark described the best methodology to study social mobility.

In assorted news and views, John Gruber traced the history of the printed-*cough* and Peter Elbow suggested academia hurts our writing more than its helps. We once again got a message to burn after texting and toyed with a new program that can rebuild languages lost. Elsewhere, we looked at the Lama bubble as Shafer asked for another plate of mustang. We rose early at St. John the Divine in New York City for the VFYW, stood before the Pope for the Face of the Day, and grooved point-by-point through the MHB.