The Next Wave Of Immigrants


Bouie examines the GOP’s problem with Asian voters:

Simply put, the Republican Party has an “Asian problem” that rivals their “Latino problem” in size and scope. So far, it’s gone under the radar. But given the pace of Asian immigration to the United States—and the growing Asian populations of states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia—Republicans can’t ignore it for long.

In a follow up post, he notes that native-born “Asian Americans are more likely to identify as conservative (26 percent versus 23 percent for foreign-born Asian Americans) and less likely to support bigger government (48 percent versus 57 percent).”:

On its face, this is a sign that mainstream integration—and a remove from the immigrant experience—makes liberal views less likely. Then again, younger (and presumably mostly native-born) Asian Americans are substantially more liberal and pro-government than their older counterparts, as well as more tolerant of homosexuality, and more supportive of abortion rights. Indeed, according to AADLF presidential exit poll, only 10 percent of Asian Americans aged 18 to 29 voted for Mitt Romney. Eighty-six percent supported Barack Obama.

(Chart from Pew.)