Chance Romance

Freddie analyzes the whimsical, Oscar-nominated short film seen above:

It’s interesting that Alyssa Rosenberg cites “Paperman” in contrast to most romantic comedies, because I see in “Paperman” a perfect example of a basic problem with the genre. This problem was defined perfectly by The Onion: “Romantic Comedy Behavior Gets Real-Life Man Arrested.” Think about the behavior here. The protagonist is very forward in pursuing a woman who he hasn’t talked to at all. We know that there’s mutual attraction, thanks to the nonverbal clues that we (as a disconnected audience) observe. In a Disney short, that’s perfectly sufficient, and internal to the world of the movie, I find it sweet. In the real world, I think it’s exactly the kind of behavior a lot of women are justifiably tired of. But our culture and media keep reinforcing it, and that contributes to unhappiness.

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