Face Of The Day

Sebastiano Tomada Piccolomini explains his arresting series, What They Bring to Battle:

Late last year, during a particularly bad day of fighting between the Free Syrian Army and the Assad regime, a band of rebels took refuge in the basement of an abandoned factory building in Aleppo. They had just lost two men and were in desperate need of more supplies and more fighters. As we all waited for the shelling to stop, I discovered a small hole in one of the factory walls. With that opening providing our only light, I photographed many of the rebels, each with the single item they claimed was the most crucial in their struggle against the government.

The caption for the above photo:

Kachadur Manukian, 25: “They killed my mother and father. I will kill them with my knife. I will kill them like I would kill a goat.”

Piccolomini recently won 2nd prize in the World Press Photo Award for a deeply unsettling photo of an injured baby in Aleppo.