Faces Of The Day

Fernando Decillis

Amanda Gorence admires the artistry on display:

Photographer Fernando Decillis traveled to Pasto, Columbia for the elaborate Carnaval de Negros y Blancos, a five day festival celebrating the Epiphany that has been a tradition since 1912. The festival begins on January 3rd as children take to the streets in celebration for El Carnavalito (The Little Parade). The following days each have a theme rich with tradition and history, leading up to El Desfile Magno (The Great Parade), the final parade on the last day of the festival.

El Desfile Magno is a mind-blowing display of immaculately crafted floats made by incredibly talented artists. The artists are usually honored with this task through family ties and only after years of studying the traditional craft. There are 20 competing floats, with the grand prize being 30,000,000 Colombian Pesos (a little less than $17,000 USD).