Map Of The Day

John Del Signore examines the geography of sex in the city:

Real estate website Trulia looked at the ratio of men living alone to women living alone across NYC, subtracting estimates of the gay and lesbian population in order to come up with this map that focuses on “men and women interested in dating someone of the opposite sex.” (For homosexual singles, Trulia points to their “Welcome to the Gayborhood” post.)

Jed Kolko explores national patterns:

[I]n most metros, the neighborhood with the highest ratio of men to women is in or near downtown, as well as in recently redeveloped neighborhoods like Boston’s Waterfront or Long Island City. Even man-rich Rosslyn is a major employment center despite being in northern Virginia, outside of Washington D.C. The neighborhoods with the highest ratio of women to men tend to be more residential, like San Francisco’s Marina and Seattle’s Queen Anne, and more upscale (and safe), like the Upper East Side and Upper Connecticut Avenue.