When Brennan Met Boal

A man who was once equivocal about torture, and is now the Obama administration’s nominee for running the CIA, John Brennan, was personally consulted about Zero Dark Thirty in an hour long chat with Mark Boal, the screenwriter:

John Brennan, who currently serves as the president’s chief counterterrorism adviser, detailed that meeting for the first time in written answers to questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee… Brennan told the committee that he and other White House officials met with filmmaker Mark Boal on June 30, 2011, for an unclassified discussion “on how White House officials viewed the opportunities and risks associated with a film about the raid that killed bin Laden” the previous month. He did not elaborate on what that meant.

The “opportunities” associated with the movie. Hmmm. A reader writes:

My take on this film is essentially this:  it is close to being an official CIA take–not General Hayden or Porter Goss’s CIA, but the Obama era CIA.  Maybe we did dumb things in the past, but we meant well and we were doing what we were instructed to do – and in the end we got our guy.  So it can’t come as a surprise to learn of Brennan’s involvement.

Or Obama’s indifference to prosecuting war criminals, which is as acute as the Pope’s in prosecuting child-rapists.