The Most Caffeinated New Yorkers

As if they need any more reason to rush. StatsBee plotted out the city’s coffee addiction:

Manhattan neighborhoods have the highest density of cafés per ZIP code. The East Village ZIP code of 10003 has the highest number of shops with 49, closely followed by Midtown/Hell’s Kitchen (10019) with 47. Midtown East (10017) and SoHo (10012) each have 41, and Tribeca/Chinatown (10013) has 40. The non-Manhattan neighborhoods with the highest concentration of caffeine are Williamsburg (11211) with 31 shops, Glendale (11385) with 32 shops, and Park Slope (11215) with 32 shops.

More on the country’s habit in general:

According to Accounting Principals, half of all American workers now buy coffee throughout the week, spending over $5 per work day and about $1,092 annually on coffee. Younger workers (18 to 34 years old) are spending about twice as much weekly on coffee as workers over 45 ($24.74 vs. $14.15).