The Price Of A Pack Is About To Go Up

How Obamacare penalizes smokers:

Although low- and middle-income tobacco users will get premium subsidies meant to make health insurance more affordable, that government assistance would not apply to the tobacco surcharge, leaving the smoker to foot the bill. One analysis, prepared by the nonpartisan Institute for Health Policy Solutions, estimated that the tobacco surcharge could cause a low-income individual’s annual premiums to jump from $708 to $3,308.

A major question that remains: “Who counts as a tobacco user in the first place?”:

A smoker who goes through a pack a day likely fits the bill, but what about one who only smokes the occasional cigarette in the bar? The person making a quit attempt? The user of e-cigarettes? These are questions that, 10 months before this provision goes into effect, are still wide open. They are also a great example of why a 900-page law requires thousands more pages of regulation, as the federal government tries to turn relatively vague provisions into concrete law.