Indie Co-Branding

Will Hermes profiles Will Oldham, aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy, a “gifted, eccentric and fairly revered folk-rock singer-songwriter who, for twenty years, has made an art of working outside the mainstream”:

One might sense an irreverent spirit, too, in Oldham’s recent product co-brandings — something that would have once been heresy for an indie act, let alone one of Oldham’s severe standards. In the past few months there has been a Bonnie “Prince” Billy Hawaiian coffee blend, a limited-edition batch of Dogfish Head ale (which comes with an exclusive 7″ single), even a Sanae fragrance blend.

And why not? Why should only megastars like Dr. Dre and Tim McGraw get to co-brand nice stuff? Like Oldham’s own recordings, his co-brands are made by A-list artisans. And like his musical peers, the singer is working at a time when the old career models, especially for indie-rockers, are collapsing. New ones are required, and per usual, Oldham is writing his own script.