The Caricatures Of COPS, Ctd

A reader quotes another:

The thing with COPS is that there’s an unspoken agreement – the cops will never be embarrassed. Can you imagine the blooper reel they could assemble?

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV is captured in this YouTube clip [seen above]. A Texas police officer, responding to a fire alarm, runs up to a house and breaks the window in order to rescue the poor old lady sleeping inside. Turns out, he got the wrong house. We then get to watch him have to apologize for attacking the wrong house. When I first saw it, I thought I was watching Reno 911.

A reader writes:

I accidentally found value in COPS about 12 years ago. One evening I needed to take a shower and give my 4-year-old daughter something to do while she was out of my sight for about 20 minutes. I put her favorite tape in the VCR and started it, but I didn’t realize that the tape was near the end. Of course, when a VCR tape ends, TV resumes. When I came out of the shower, I found her glued to the screen watching COPS, which just happened to be on at the same time. She was seriously engaged. She was asking me all kinds of questions about the people in the scenes, and I think the episode she saw was the one where the man hurls himself out of a second-story window.

I ended up having a long discussion with a 4-year-old about the problems of drugs, unplanned pregnancies and other poor choices that people make in life.

We also discussed how both drugs and unplanned pregnancies perpetuate poverty. Now, of course we didn’t talk about it with those big words, but we did effectively have that conversation. I asked her if she wanted to end up like these people, and she said “No!” I told her that if she avoided use of drugs and didn’t get pregnant until after she graduated college and could take care of herself and her child, then she would be much better off.

She became a regular viewer of COPS for the next few months, and she found it fascinating. Since that time, my daughter has paid more attention to news and social issues and she continues to discuss the problems of society. In turn, I learned to never underestimate the capacity of a 4-year-old to understand bigger issues.