The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew cautiously ushered in a new season of sanity on the right, explained the Dish Model to Planet Money and the NYT, and contemplated the rigors of an overly-public life in the context of the British royal family. In our continuing “Sully and Hitch After Dark” series, the conversation turned to fundamentalists and the compulsory nature of religion.

Meanwhile, Matt Duss relayed the latest McCarthyite attacks on Hagel, and Rich Lowry issued a mea culpa while others remained silent, and Dan Friedman revealed that he had accidentally started the “Friends of Hamas” rumor mill to begin with. Frum shot down a claim about the rarity of gun accidents, Jack Shafer called for a smarter debate over infrastructure spending, Dolan gave a deposition, and George Packer pinned the blame for Walmart’s recent struggles on the payroll tax. We dug into the GOP’s attempts to saddle Obama with the sequester, projected the winners and losers when Americans start to feel its effects, weighed the influence of region on economic development, and put Rubio’s appeal to Hispanics in context. Looking abroad, we wondered if the Saudis would be next to go nuclear, dove into the details on China’s recent cyberattacks, and witnessed how sectarian violence in Pakistan led to some heartbreaking protests.

In assorted coverage, Alain de Botton explored the overlap between revolting and erotic, Patricia T. O’Conner and Stewart Kellarman decided to brazenly split their infinitives, readers debated the eating of horse meat, and we walked the line between ethics and insult on journalist gifts. Linda Besner delivered a verdict on the chicken-egg debate, Carl Zimmer found hope for sufferers of brain disease, and Ackerman cast light on the next generation of camouflage. Will Hermes interviewed a “Prince” of the indie music scene, Tom Jokinen revealed the top pick in the corpse draft, Daniel Burke profiled the antichrist throughout history, SNL previewed Djesus Uncrossed, and the Daily Mail claimed that beards lengthen lifespans.

In entertainment coverage, Movie theaters rolled out upscale offerings to compete with the couch, Ken Auletta heralded the demise of TV antennas, pay-per-view knocked boxing out of the mainstream, and a reader marveled at her 4 year-old daughter’s ability to understand COPS. Pizza stole the scene in the MHB, Arkansas froze over in our VFYW, and a panda panted for our FOTD.


(Photo: Pakistani Shiite Muslims gather around the coffins of relatives during a mass burial ceremony in Quetta on February 20, 2013. Mass burials for 89 victims of a bomb attack targeting Pakistani Shiite Muslims began after three days of nationwide protests at the government’s failure to tackle sectarian violence. By Banaras Khan/AFP/Getty Images)