Will Denver Be The Next Amsterdam?

Jacob Sullum checks in on Colorado:

[Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force member and Deputy Attorney General David] Blake argued in favor of allowing visitors to buy no more than one-eighth of an ounce at a time as a way of discouraging people from reselling marijuana in other states. Christian Sederberg, a representative of the Yes on 64 campaign, said such a rule would not be much of an obstacle for a serious trafficker, although it might deter an “opportunistic tourist” like “the guy who says ‘all my frat brothers at the KU frat house would really like it if I brought home some pot.'” In the end, the task force rejected Blake’s proposal, leaving the issue of how much pot visitors can buy to be settled by the General Assembly. But even if legislators decide a limit lower than an ounce is appropriate, it will be difficult to enforce given Amendment 64’s restriction on the information that can be demanded from pot purchasers.