A $45,000 Consolation Prize

Samantha Bonar examines the swag bag that all Oscar nominees will receive:

The gift-bag items run the gamut from trips to Australia, Hawaii and Mexico to gift certificates for injectable fillers to condoms to tequila to hand-illustrated tennis shoes to gluten-free macarons. The highest-ticket item ($12,000) is a stay at a choice between two luxury resorts in Australia — one located atop the Great Barrier Reef, the other in the middle of the Outback. The bag also includes a $7,400 gift certificate from a home-design firm and something called the Vampire Facelift, valued at $5,000.

Amazingly, this is relatively cheap:

[T]he bag has hit its lowest value in five years. In fact, it has decreased every year since 2010, when the goods were worth a record $93,108, thanks to a $45,000 safari tour.