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The Pope Attends His Final Angelus Prayers Before His Retirement

Today on the Dish, Andrew mulled over legalized prostitution, hoped for a new era to emerge from the coming Papal Conclave, and updated readers on the status of the New Dish. He glimpsed the new generation of Journalism in Steve Brill’s health care essay and shook his head at the Republican management of the sequester.

In political coverage, we looked ahead to the fallout from the sequester and Josh Barro laid the blame for epistemic closure at the door of Republican think tanks. Felix Salmon was skeptical that the BuzzFeed model could scale, Jonah Peretti described the advertorial strategy while employees Jeff Greenspan and Mike Lacher aimed for ads that feel like editorials, and readers saw little to worry about. Overseas, Gianluigi Nuzzi wondered at tales of unquestioned cruelty from the Vatican.

In assorted coverage, Seth MacFarlane’s manatees failed to impress on Oscar night, Stefan Kanfer rebelled against recorded music, and Scott Adams bulked up with video games. Simon Park made us squirm at the thought of getting calls on our cells, Joshua Topolsky got an early glimpse at Google Glass, and France was unafraid of the dark. Eric Nusbaum weighed a bull’s cushy life against a grisly death, James Surowiecki dug into the black betting economy in American sports, and Howard Megdal noted parallels between Lena Dunham and Philip Roth.

Elsewhere, Gregory McNamee mapped out the grocery store while Nicola Twilley revealed rampant genetic modification in the produce aisle, Adam Clark Estes wasted nothing in addressing the food shortage, and Marlene Zuk pushed back against paleo nostalgia. Wayne Curtis recalled the golden age of the USPS, Jennifer Kabat exposed the perils of making snow, Beth Skwarecki couldn’t explain birth rate patterns, Shane Koyczan illustrated the haunting effects of bullying, and Amanda Marcotte debunked the myth of chatty women. FLOTUS busted a move in the MHB, we recognized the distant Rockies in the VFYW, and shared the sorrow of a mother mourning her child in the FOTD.

– D.A.

(Photo: A statue of a saint stands in St. Peter’s colonnade as Pope Benedict XVI delivers his last Angelus Blessing from the window of his private apartment to thousands of pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter’s Square on February 24, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican. The Pontiff will hold his last weekly public audience on February 27, 2013 before he retires the following day. By Franco Origlia/Getty Images)