Censoring Cannabis Science

Nicole Flatow summarizes a talk given by CalTech physicist John Schwartz:

During an address before a medical marijuana conference Friday, John H. Schwartz explained how the DEA and [National Institute on Drug Abuse] act as a “tag team” to censor science, with NIDA holding a monopoly over legal access to cannabis for research, and the DEA refusing to reconsider the drug’s designation in the Controlled Substances Act as a dangerous substance with no medical value on the basis that sufficient research does not exist. He alleges that the government has blocked research even though it has long been aware of marijuana’s potential to serve many medical benefits including shrink aggressive cancer cells is because it might “send the wrong message to children”.

In his talk, Schwartz compared it to putting “the Institute for Creation Science … in charge of approving paleontology digs and the science of human evolution.” And for him, it’s personal:

His wife, Patricia, resorted to remedies as extreme as electric shock before turning to marijuana to treat her chronic bladder inflammation — the only remedy that worked. “After a few months of using it,” around the time of the passage of Proposition 215′s passage in California 16 years ago, he said, “her bladder function returned to normal and so did our lives, except for one thing: we were now facing the wrath of the most powerful government in the world.”