The Right And Marriage Equality: A Breakthrough, Ctd

David Frum shares why he now supports marriage equality:

Like many signatories of the amicus brief, my thinking has been influenced by the fine example of the many committed, devoted same-sex couples I know. At least as much, however, I have also been swayed by an intensifying awareness of the harm culture war politics has done to my party. Culture war politics have isolated the GOP from the America of the present and future, fastening it to politics of nostalgia for a (mis)remembered past. Culture war politics have substituted for relevant cultural policies aimed at encouraging the raising of children within married families. Worst of all, culture war politics has taught the GOP to talk to America as if the nation were split into hostile halves, as if more separated Americans than united them.

If the GOP should have learned one lesson from the last election, it was to stop talking about Americans in fractions and percentages, and to speak to America as one people. To stigmatize the aspirations of some Americans is to break faith with the ideals of all Americans—and to surrender hope of gaining the support of a majority of Americans.