Yglesias Award Nominee

“Something people who complain about GOP-leaning wonks don’t seem to understand: there is a selection effect at work. Many people who might be GOP-leaning wonks in another universe are now either unaffiliated or, in some cases, D-leaning. So the current universe of GOP-leaning wonks are people who have some reason to attach themselves to the GOP coalition, e.g.: social conservatism, hawkishness, regional identity, etc. Or the GOP-leaning wonk could be unusually patient, i.e., she/he could believe that change takes decades rather than months or even years. People who don’t buy this thesis exit,” – Reihan Salam, telling the truth about the collapse of the conservative intelligentsia and its eclipse by the young left.

(The quote is composed of multiple consecutive tweets, like Reihan’s immense brain. The link is to the first tweet.)