A Green Lining To Sequestration?

Mike Riggs finds one:

The automatic budget cuts set to take place this Friday might have government contractors on edge, but they could also bring sweet relief for medical marijuana dispensary owners fearful of government crackdowns. According to the OMB’s report to Congress, the Drug Enforcement Administration will lose $166 million from its $2.02 billion staffing and appropriations budget, reducing its funding to 2002-2003 levels, when the DEA first began coordinated crackdowns on medical marijuana dispensaries.

But the DEA arguably has other, bigger priorities now, such as cartels and prescription pill mills. With $166 million less to work with, will the DEA finally have to prioritize its resources?


To be fair: the state-by-state fact sheets the White House released did emphasize decreased funding for drug treatment, which means we’ll find out really quickly whether states and local governments are still interested in diverting addicts from prison to treatment only if the federal government pays them to do so.