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Pope Benedict XVI Steps Down And Officially Retires From The Papal Office

Today on the Dish, Andrew bid a not-so-fond farewell to Benedict XVI and fisked Bob Woodward’s claim of White House intimidation. Amy Davidson analyzed the bottom line for marriage equality while Jesse Green anticipated a wave of same-sex divorces, Erick Erickson reminded conservatives about the basics of reporting, and the Supreme Court entangled privacy advocates in a Catch-22.

As sequestration loomed, Mike Riggs grinned at the possibility of DEA budget cuts and we predicted that the gradual phase-in will slow but not stop growth. We debated whether smart people had “flip-flopped” on the deficit, contemplated the long-term Republican strategy, and Kornacki put Hillary at the head of the 2016 Democratic class. In foreign policy coverage, Douthat found reason for optimism in Rand Paul and we considered America’s next step in Syria in light of restrained interventionism at home.

In assorted new and views, Christina Larson sifted through Chinese secrecy on soil pollution while we struggled to adapt to melting at the poles. Andras Forgacs manufactured meats, 3-d printing redefined the parameters of the gun control debate, and Robin Sloan butted up against online language barriers. Ivory Toldson pulled apart the stats on college-bound black men, Sarah Kendzior worried over the effect of internships and adjunct professorships, Andrew Mason shocked us with his honest resignation, and readers looked for alternative motives in Yahoo!’s ban on working from home. The trans community found a surprising ally in its push for insurance coverage and A. Barton Hinkle condemned cities for being choosers when it came to beggars.

Elsewhere, Benjamin Lennett forecast trouble for Netflix addicts, Keith Ellison expressed ambivalence about deleted scenes, we deconstructed hatred for Anne Hathaway, and watched an audition for Lena Dark Thirty. John Patrick Leary shared tales of untimely doggie deaths, gluten-free diets elicited mixed feelings, and we exposed the sinister side of a sartorial movement. A young pilgrim waved a goodbye to the outgoing pope in the FOTD, drought knocked out a Texas dock in the VFYW, and we gesundheit’d through a super-cut of canine sneezes in the MHB.


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