Giving Up Gluten, Ctd

A reader writes:

Thanks for shedding light on the complexities of gluten today. As a restaurant owner, I have found this fad to be problematic in an unexpected way. I have seen requests for gluten-free items go through the roof in the last few years. When these items are ordered, often there is gluten in items that we know about but that the guest may not, so waitstaff returns to the table to alert the guest. Nine out of ten times, the reply is that “A little bit of gluten is ok.”  When this happens often enough, it reduces the importance of gluten-specific requests to your kitchen staff. The next order that comes along, they might not take the care that they should. A little bit of gluten was ok for the last 10 orders with this request, so why not this one? This puts people who have Celiac’s in great danger, even when they make the gluten-free request. People with Celiac’s typically know exactly what ingredients they cannot have and where these ingredients hide. That’s really the best way to operate, as it will make you far less likely to get something you’re not supposed to.

A reader with Celiac’s writes:

I lived with real and severe “fibromyalgia” symptoms for years while rheumatologists, allergists, internists, osteopaths, and orthopods tried to resolve my pain.

My joints hurt, I had generalized pain, depression, fog, fatigue.  Each specialist did their battery of tests and declared that whatever my problem was, it wasn’t in their purview.  All agreed it was “something auto-immune”.  One quickly prescribed an anti-depressant marketed by Eli Lilly to basically stop me from feeling the pain.  Others told me take vitamins to make up for shockingly low levels of some nutrients.  I tried yoga, exercise, tai chi, weight training …

Finally my internist – on information Darshak Sanghavi would certainly reject – said I should try eliminating wheat.  I thought I’d try it for three weeks, then go back to eating wheat to prove the theory.  But then every single symptom went away completely.  Someday, I’ll try eating a pizza, but only when I have time to lie in bed the next day.  It hasn’t happened yet, and it doesn’t even look good any more.

The same here. I was covered in hives and rashes and constantly itching and nothing worked and a few weeks later, it was all gone. I’m one of those guilty ones asking about flour, because it’s not as if I’ll suddenly have a seizure. I’ll be clearer in future. I have lost about 15 pounds, by the way – but that might have also been launching the new blog.