Green Shoots On The Right, Ctd

The First Day Of Spring At Kew Gardens

National Review actually comes out in favor of including GOProud and Chris Christie at CPAC this year. Money quote:

GOProud is the most conservative gay group of note (perhaps the only gay group rightly called conservative), and that conservatism extends to its circumspection about many planks of the so-called gay-rights agenda. … Conservative opinion on the intersection of homosexuality and politics is not monolithic, especially among the college-aged set that makes up the better part of CPAC attendees. And a gathering that hopes to speak for the conservative movement will be better equipped to do so if it represents the overlapping gamut of views included in it.

There is, of course, the not-so-small matter of marriage equality. GOProud, despite being a far-right splinter group who’s chummy with Ann Coulter, is still in favor of marriage equality. There are plenty of conservative and Republican gays – but almost none who oppose the conservative cause of full gay inclusion in the family. There are no gay conservatives on marriage like black conservatives on, say, affirmative action. Which is itself telling. Even Roger Ailes couldn’t find any.

Obviously, the editorial is a teensy shift away from theoconservatism. And K-Lo sits up straight and notices:

I tend to agree with Robby George, who last year expressed to me here his concern that conservatives need to keep our priorities straight. Marriage ought to be one, we need to be clear that it is not ours to redefine.

That doesn’t quite capture the tone of the piece, which was by Lopez herself:

“[GOProud] has just written “crazy social issues” out of what it means to be conservative.

That “crazy social issues” phrase comes from a comment made by its chairman, Christopher Barron, during an MSNBC appearance this fall — and it underscores the reasoning behind the boycott. At best, GOProud is indifferent to the issue of defending traditional marriage; it supports letting the states figure it out. But in practice, GOProud has proven itself to be opposed to the defense — and defenders — of marriage.

And now National Review is arguing for inclusion of a pro-marriage equality group in CPAC. One step at a time …

(Photo: Snowdrops and Daffodils emerge at Kew Gardens on March 1, 2013 in Kew, England. Today marks the first day of Spring, though the Met Office have said that temperatures are likely to be below average throughout March. By Dan Kitwood/Getty Images.)