Fighting Mold With Jell-O


Hunter Oatman-Stanford interviewed Ruth Clark about her website The Mid-Century Menu, where she recreates recipes from the 1950s. A cool discovery:

We’ve done a lot of different Jell-O stuff and noticed that freshness is basically extended when you encase things in Jell-O. We’ve done cakes covered with gelatin that the cake would still be moist after a week and a half. We made sandwiches with gelatin, so open-faced sandwiches and then you’re supposed to pour flavored gelatin over the top, which was supposed to be like mayo. I thought it was going to be disastrous. [Husband] Tom wolfed them down. He’s like, “These are really good and the bread isn’t soggy.” I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” It was like two days later, and they were still edible.

I don’t know if being frugal and using up leftovers was part of the Jell-O trend, putting them in gelatin and then trying to force them down that way. But that’s my theory.

(Photo of Ruth Clark’s husband about to dig into the herb-glazed open-faced sandwiches and other gelatin contest delights.)