About That Washington Clubbiness

I know I’m late on this but I was reading the latest issues of TNR and even read a dispassionate if not terribly ground-breaking cover-story on the Israel-Palestine question. That in itself is a huge change. From Leon Wieseltier’s rancid bile toward any critic of Israel to a serious piece that holds all sides accountable and says what must be said – that a democratic Israel is no longer viable – is a big improvement. Then there’s a profile of Ezra Klein. This made me throw up a little in my mouth:

Klein now says that he will not write a negative book review. “Because if you’ve gone through the trouble to write a book? And I just don’t think it’s that good?” Klein told me, breaking into his occasional habit of lilting at the end of each clause. “I’m not going to shit on your work. I just won’t review it. This is a rule James Fallows has that I’ve adopted. Whom I really respect, by the way.”