South Bye Southwest, Ctd


A reader backs up Swensson:

I am the talent buyer and promoter at a couple of Chicago music venues, and this week I’ll be attending my 13th straight SXSW – which will also be my last. The attached photo (yes, that is a giant Doritos vending machine) from last year’s fest  was when it officially jumped the shark for me and I vowed not to return this year. However, the city of Austin and the face time with agents, managers and other promoters that SXSW provides drew me back one last time. From here on out, I plan to get that face time by attending the many other festivals that take place throughout the U.S. Maybe I’ll start with next year’s XOXO in Portland.

The Onion is on the ground in Austin:

While attending the fourth day of this year’s SXSW conference, Chicago-based marketing associate Tim Danner told reporters today that the music, film, and interactive festival is just about as cool, as alternative, and as real as it gets. “The great thing about South By is that practically everyone here is talking about the newest cutting-edge ideas, but the whole scene still has this super-chill underground vibe,” said the 33-year-old who went to business school, makes a six-figure salary, and develops marketing strategies for a living. “What I like most of all is that it’s not in New York or Los Angeles, but in Austin, which is like this cool little artsy town. That’s so awesome and so authentic, you know?

GigaOM’s Eliza Kern rounds up photos of “some of the weirdest marketing gimmicks we saw at SXSW.”