The Murder Of A Gaza Child, Ctd

The UN report recently found, contrary to earlier reporting, that Hamas, not Israel, was responsible for a child’s death. I asked for a correction. Max Fisher, who wrote one of the pieces I objected to, follows up:

Matthias Behnke, a representative of the UN office that authored the report, has since clarified to the Associated Press that the report is indeed referring to Mishrawi’s family. Behnke explained that the report does not “unequivocally conclude” that Mishrawi was killed by a Hamas munition, but said that evidence did point toward a rocket fired by a Palestinian group. … A BBC story expresses some doubt about the UN report. The BBC’s Jon Donnison writes, “The Israeli military made no comment at the time of the incident but never denied carrying out the strike. Privately, military officials briefed journalists that they had been targeting a militant who was in the building.” Donnison adds, “The Israeli military had reported no rockets being fired out of Gaza so soon after the start of the conflict.”