What’s Happening Behind The Curtain?

A tick-tock of the traditional ceremonies just occurring behind the scenes. Money quote:

The new Pope, accompanied by Msgr. Marini and some assistants, will then enter the “Room of Tears,” a small, simple room situated immediately behind Michelangelo’s Last Judgment. There, they will help him to divest his scarlet robes and don the traditional white vesture of a pope.

Three sizes of soutane (cassock), large, medium and small, and made by the famous local Gammarelli vestment makers, will be waiting for him. Each can be rapidly adjusted to meet his personal requirements. In addition, he will be attired in the traditional white moiré silk fascia and skull cap, the lace rochet (surplice), a crimson silk mozzetta (a sort of shoulder cape), red morocco leather slippers and an elaborate gold-embroidered red-velvet stole.

Hence the wait between the smoke and the appearance on the balcony on which my eyes are now fixed.