Open-source Orgasm

Adult film star and sex educator Maggie Mayhem and her husband created the PSIgasm, a device to collect data on arousal:

[This research] was all done in the ’70s and nobody has done anything else since. It also means the only research we have on the orgasm comes from people who are able to have orgasms in a sterile lab, people with clipboards and lab coats staring at them. To me, that’s not a very round depiction of the human orgasm. …

This version has about 14 sensors. It has all the pressure gages in various places throughout the device and they’re detecting the pounds per square inch exerted by the muscles of the pelvis floor. It also picks up pretty much everything a lie detector test would get. That’s all the vital data: blood pressure, heart rate, respiration—these are all major parts of the orgasm cycle.

Her hopes for the project:

It’s research that I feel strongly we all have to do collectively, I’m hoping to make versions where people can anonymously upload their biodata. I’d like to make a collective living document that’s always evolving and everybody is participating in. We are all researching. It’s people exploring themselves.