Faces Of The Day


Italian photographer Marina Rosso describes the project she shot between 2009-2011:

Licia and Ryan married 57 years ago in a small town next to Udine, Italy. They spent all their lives together and now at the age of 85, things start to be more difficult and the rhythms are slower. All the days look like the others, every movement is a repetitional loop. But this is what keeps them still alive: the idea of being self sufficient and helping each other.

Amanda Gorence found out Licia and Ryan are actually Marina’s grandparents:

Rosso says that through photography, she was able to foster a closer relationship with them. We don’t doubt that, as it is clear in her intimate portrait of partnership, aging, love, and committment—the latter two concepts melting into an undefined one; Rosso says, “It’s difficult, at a certain point, to say where one ends and the other begins.”

More images here.