Baghdad At The Box Office

Alyssa studies how the entertainment industry processed the Iraq War, noting that most films and TV shows focused on soldiers’ experience rather than addresing the larger political backdrop:

[I]t’s hard to think of a single movie about the war in Iraq that actually addresses why soldiers were sent there in the first place, even the ones with serious ambitions. Armando Iannucci’s biting satire In the Loop examines how misstatements and diplomatic gaffes can be manipulated to whip up public opinion, but doesn’t quite get to the dark and murky depths of the misinformation that contributed to our going to war in Iraq. And of the few movies that address policy or bureaucracy that govern who serves, for how long, how they’re treated when they’re in Iraq, and what resources are available to them when they come back, most can tackle only one issue at a time, rather than recognizing the matrix of cultural and organizational factors that shape the veteran experience.