The Unofficial Dedication Page

The Book Inscriptions Project began in 2002 when Shaun Raviv found the following note in The Road to ‘Human Destiny’: A Life of Pierre Lecomte Du Noüy by Mary Lecomte Du Noüy:

“Joey, I love you so much!
You have surpassed the definition
for all. I will always cherish our orgasmic
love + resistance

For whatever reason, I happened to open the book and saw the message from Mark to Joey.
Something about that note, handwritten by an unknown to an unknown of whose whereabouts,
gender and relationship I was unaware, struck me as both tragic and powerful. …

Maybe someday this book will again find its way to Mark or Joey and I’ll get to meet them, and ask them if it worked out, if their orgasmic moments were enough to survive life’s difficulties.

Another from the archives:


Like a sunburnt satellite
I circle the globe in lost
orbits, searching the most
appropriate destiny in the
dense fog of fate, but knowing
that I may touch down at
home, and we can resume our
story exactly where we left it……

All the best for the
3rd year of the techno-

Rickey T.

January 2003

Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami

Thanks to Danielle, who says, “I found this at a used bookstore in Kamloops, B.C.
and can’t stop wondering if they ‘resumed their story’…”