The Smart Watch Cometh

Brian Ries is the proud owner of a Pebble:

Soon these little things will be everywhere. Both Apple and Samsung are reported to be working on their own mass-market smartwatches to hit the market later this year, and Pebble’s CEO has been mum when asked if Apple’s CEO has approached him about an acquisition. But for now, just 40,000 Pebbles have been produced, a limited run that means I’ve yet to see another “Pebbler” in the wild. …

The device itself is a fascinating, mind-opening extension of the smartphone. You wouldn’t know the inconvenience of reading your text messages on the phone retrieved from your pocket until they pop up seamlessly on the device sitting coolly on your wrist. But you wouldn’t know you had a dumbwatch until a guy on the Internet asks for some money to create something smarter, either.

(Above: Pebble’s 2012 Kickstarter video, which raised over $10 million.)