The Smart Watch Cometh, Ctd

Freddie dismisses the hype:

[W]ith tech in particular, I merely continue to observe constantly repeated human nature: many of us become convinced, over and over again, that there is one missing element of our lives, and often it’s a better phone or a new computer or our first tablet. We salivate over it, we wait for it, and it arrives, and for maybe a couple days we get the expected rush of endorphins as we play with it. And then, somehow, our lives are still just our lives– hectic, harried, incomplete, vaguely dissatisfying. Then we decide we need a new product, or a new service (once I use Evernote I will be unstoppable!), and the cycle continues. And we never, ever learn. It just seems that the tech heads are the most likely to engage in unlikely flights of fancy about how cool their lives are going to be, and the most susceptible for falling for their own hype. Brian Ries’s revolutionary, life-changing Pebble watch is a couple of months from being the slow pain in the ass that he feels obligated to wear and is tired of talking about.