TNC In Paris

In the deep end, yet again:

But I was in the pâtisserie thinking of of my wife, who beat me here by seven wise years because she is a woman whose vision sends me to sonnage. I have always been a simple man, and left to my devices, my guiding principles would revolve around warm snugglies, World of Warcraft and intravenous pizza. Except that I have never really walked alone. Instead I’ve been surrounded by people who insisted upon other languages. When I was nine my mother remanded to the tender clutches of a man who taught swimming out in the county in his back yard. On the first day I learned to hold my breath. On the second I floated. On the third I front crawled. On the fourth, I cried as he tossed me into the deep end over and over. And on the fifth, I crawled in the deep end, and it was all I ever wanted.