Will Perry Be Another Roe? Ctd

Supreme Court Hears Arguments On California's Prop 8 And Defense Of Marriage Act

A reader writes:

I’m sure you are hearing this from else, but to chime in: I’d bet physically large bills that Perry ends up resembling Loving much more than Roe. For those who oppose abortion rights, the sanctity of human life makes it an essential moral issue. There doesn’t seem to be a similar moral imperative to oppose marriage equality. Once it becomes established, it becomes much harder to convince oneself that it is harming anyone. There will always be a rump that objects, but it will end up as influential as the rump that opposes inter-racial marriages.

How another puts it:

After Roe anti-choice advocates could shriek: Now it’s legal to kill babies! If Perry goes favorably for gays, the other side will be able to shriek:  Now the government is treating those horrid gays just like everyone else! Somehow the latter just doesn’t have quite the resonance of the former.

(Photo: Maggie George demonstrates with a picture of her family stuck to her back during a protest in front of the U.S. Supreme Court March 26, 2013 in Washington, DC. By Win McNamee/Getty Images)