How Common Is Gay Rape?

How one reader responded to the convictions in Steubenville:

I hope you take this as a serious question and I hope it doesn’t offend you. As a father of two girls something like this happening to one on my daughters always lurked in my mind. Getting drunk, losing control and then God knows what happens. As a father of a son I always prayed that I had raised my son with the proper values and respect for women that didn’t fly out the window in a rush of drunken, drug-induced rush of teenage hormones.

So here is my question: Does something like this happen at gay gatherings or parties? Is there gay rape that goes unreported due to embarrassment and maybe the fact that the victim’s family may not know he or she is gay? Do these horrible incidents have the same frequency of occurrence in the gay culture as straight? Maybe this is something you might devote a thread to. I have never heard the subject discussed.

A 2003 Guardian report provides some perspective on the underreported crime:

Hundreds of men have been attacked after their drinks were spiked with ‘date-rape’ drugs by gangs targeting victims in pubs and clubs across Britain. At least three men are thought to have fallen victim to a gang last month after being approached by an apparently friendly stranger. It is believed their drinks were spiked with the ‘date-rape’ drug GHB before the victims were taken elsewhere and attacked. At least one of the victims was drinking in a mainstream pub when he was targeted, but the others were approached in gay venues.

Graham Rhodes, chief executive of the Roofie Foundation, a charity for victims of drug-rape, said: ‘Men are the victim in 10 to 15 per cent of cases reported to us. That is 730 cases. Nearly always the perpetrator is male and in these cases there is a much higher proportion of gang rape.’ … Rape is often portrayed as a crime against women only and cases are rarely reported by gay men. Keith Cowen, community safety spokesperson for the gay rights charity Outright Scotland, said: ‘This is a huge problem for every one. We spoke to people at sexual health clinics and they are telling us it happens all the time – among heterosexuals and among gay people.