American Royalists

Mark Dery, author of England My England: Anglophilia Explained, ponders America’s supermarket-tabloid monarchism:

The American infatuation with the inbred members of a small, stunted Anglo-Teutonic family, sustained as a kind of a curiosity by the good-natured charity of the British people, is as complex as it is perverse. It has something to do with the comparative brevity of our history, as opposed to the storied traditions of the mother country, and something to do with a yearning, weirdly, for the feudal hierarchies swept away by capitalism and industrialism (as Marx famously noted), which result in a sociocultural disorientation — a class vertigo, so to speak — that makes some Americans yearn for a world where everyone knows his place, even if that sense of community and identity is purchased at the price of a boot on your neck.

Or a dowager on your television.