The Long Road To Marriage Equality

EJ Graff puts this week’s court cases in perspective:

This roller-coaster ride has a long way to go. No matter what the Court issues in its opinion come June, the question of my marriage is not going to be settled for a while. DOMA’s Section 2 will stay in place, telling the states that they needn’t recognize other states’ same-sex marriages. Which is part of why, when my family travels outside of New England, I take copies of the various legal papers that say my wife and I belong to each other. Not my marriage certificate, which would be meaningless in Texas. I take, rather, a packet of things like health-care proxies and wills. If we were to be sick or struck by a car in a foreign country like the Lone Star State, where my brother’s family lives, I have no idea whether the paramedic or medical examiner we’d encounter would be from the past or future universe. So I come prepared.