Are Doctors Overpaid? Ctd

Aaron Carroll cringes at a new article that mourns the days when radiology students could expect to make enough money to “graduat[e] from medical school and driv[e] a Porsche”:

It’s always amazing to me that the stories like this are always written about or by radiologists, or anesthesiologists, or orthopedic surgeons. They often feel like they are owed more money. It’s like… an entitlement. You know who else trained for five years? Me. It takes six years to be an neurologist,  an immunologist, a nephrologist, a rheumatologist, or an endocrinologist. Almost none of those specialties expect to have a “$400,000-and-up dream job”. …

If your definition of “struggling” is not driving a Porsche, then it’s time to stop expecting the general public to give you any sympathy. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Is there any other profession that is as tone deaf as we are when it comes to talking about our livelihood? Is there any other profession that feels so free to complain about making too little, when they objectively make so much compared to so many others?

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