An Easter Breather


I’m taking the next week off – my first, I think, since last summer. The Dish team will be subbing as usual – as, of course, they do all the time anyway, with my oversight and authoritah. But next week, they can say anything they like, under their own by-lines, as is tradition, (as the Canadians say). I want to thank them in advance – from Patrick and Chris to Matt, Zoe, Alice, Chas, Doug and Brendan.

partnersIt is simply a fact that without Chris and Patrick (see right) and Chas, the new Dish would never have happened. Period. And it’s another fact that without you, this new experiment in online publishing would have sputtered from the get-go.

So before I sleep for a few days, a message of gratitude for you, dear Dish readers, for your support and faith and persistent engagement. Thanks for subscribing in numbers large enough to make this one of the single most successful pay-meter debuts ever. And to those of you who are still holding out, [tinypass_offer text=”$1.99 a month”] is now an option.