14 Bald Eagles Who Are Still Outraged Over Benghazi

by Chas Danner

The NRCC is going listicle for its new website:

The committee spent hours poring over BuzzFeed’s site map and layout, studying how readers arrived at its landing pages and bounced from one article to the next. Unsurprisingly, a ton of traffic came from social media — but a lot of it also seemed to come from the site’s sidebar, said Lansing. So the NRCC’s redesign includes a list of recent and popular posts. Other changes include shorter posts, fewer menu items and a heavy helping of what now passes for social currency on the Web: snark. The new site comes a few months into the beginning of a broader strategy to capture more of the social Web’s attention. To that end, the NRCC has begun dropping blog posts with headlines like “13 Animals That Are Really Bummed on Obamacare’s Third Birthday.”

Pareene pounces:

If an audience exists for a BuzzFeed of the right, BuzzFeed will happily be the BuzzFeed of the right, because capitalism. In fact, they are already producing cheap viral crap for conservatives to like on Facebook. Recent attempts include What It Feels Like Being a Conservative on the Internet, which went viral but was deemed “fail” by the BuzzFeed community, and “7 Things Democrats Would Have Freaked Out About if Bush Had Done Them,” which was voted both “win” and “fail.” The author of that latter piece, Benny Johnson, was hired (from Glenn Beck’s the Blaze) basically explicitly to create viral conservative content.

Waldman is underwhelmed:

So let’s head on over to the NRCC web site and prepare to be amazed. Up top of the site, we’ve got…an opportunity to co-sign the Ryan budget. Skapow! Are you feeling buzzed?!? Below that there is “8 of Our Favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes,” which does show that the brain trust at the RNC figured out the list thing. But it’s not exactly jumping out of your computer and grabbing you by the lapels.